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August 2021

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AHEAD - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RECENT RESEARCH REVIEW (AIJRRR) is a Peer-Reviewed monthly online Journal. It is Association of senior Professors, Eminent Research Agencies, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Academic Leaders, Engineering Firms, Research Labs, Social Science reviewer, Mathematicians & Statisticians and reviewer from various fields and managed by group of Professors. It helps the researcher to publish their intellectual research paper at right time, Quality with the guidance of our panel members.

Scope & Coverage

The Ahead International Journal of Recent Research Review accepts the research paper, case studies, book reviews, conceptual, empirical and exploratory papers from Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Management,Human resource/administration,Public Administration, Sociology, Economics, Education, Business, Commerce,Marketing management, Corporate Governance, Financial /Banking ,Hospitality, Tourism & Travel Management, Arts, Fine Arts, Designing,Engineering, Information technology, Computer Science, Medical, Bio-medical,Pharmaceutical Science, Clinical Research, Home Science, Medical Science, Psychology, Human ideology, Organization behaviour, Organization psychology,Law,Corporate, Environmental Science, Library Science, Geography, History, Intellectual Property Rights, Industrial Laws, Journalism, Literature, Philosophy,Political Science, Rural India, Statistics, Applied& Social Sciences related areas.

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